Amazing Ride on Toys for 8-Year-Olds

ride on toys for 8-year-olds

Looking for the perfect gift for an 8-year-old? Can’t go wrong with a can that they can ride on. We’ll guide you through the top Ride on Toys for 8-Year-Olds, so don’t forget the helmet at the end. We’ll cover helmets too don’t worry. From the Dirt quad to the Power Wheels Wild Thing, we know what kids want and what you want to buy for them.

If you have a dare devil keep them on the safer slower one’s because they can make safety seem old school. A nice dump truck or military style jeep is perfect for keeping them slow and steady.

Even though they may decide to jump out with a tuck and roll, at least it won’t be putting them out at 30 miles an hour like the Biggest RC Monster Truck, so the danger is minimal (hyperlink to other article).

Give them a Porsche at the most reasonable price you’ll ever see with our Giant Porsche style 180W motors. Holds up to 200lbs for a ride so 2 kids or 1 adult, comes in white or pink.

Dirt quads have become much more popular as people are looking to train their kids early how to ride a quad. As you can imaging, you’ll want to get the right motor size based on your children’s weight. Here’s a good one that will help them become a pro before they get the real thing.

The Power Wheel Wild Thing is a 3-wheel 5 speed max 5 mile an hour toy. So, unless you soup this up it’s perfect for your dare devil letting them go full throttle at a walking pace. This is between $250 - $400 depending on where you buy it but gives them a great ride.

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