Q.) Do you charge Sale Tax for outside of California sales?

A.) No we don't have locations outside of California so we don't charge sales tax. 

Q.) Do you offer free Shipping out of California? 

A.) Yes all shipping is free using Fed Ex and you should see the product 6-9 days after purchase. 

Q.) Do you offer incentives for pick up at your store?

A.) Yes, we have a coupon Code: 10%pickup you can use only when you use pick up option at check out and we will contact you to set up a pick up appointment or you can contact use VIA text 714 3504838.   


Q.) Can I purchase parts from this company if my car was purchased elsewhere?

A.)  We have access to some parts for our customers only. If we can match the parts exactly, we may be able to help but these parts are limited to remote, battery, chargers only.


Q.) Can I purchase parts from this company if my car was purchased from MBZ TOYS. COM?

A.) If you purchased the item from our company with verification, we would locate the parts for you even after the 60 day performance warranty period and are willing to take the item in for repairs done by a contractor that only works from our facility and only works on our customers toys up to one year after purchase and if it not a water damage. The vehicles we sell are made with upgraded motors, tires, and electronic components. We can match the parts for our own products only.

Q.) How long does it take for my product to ship out?

A.) If your item is shipped via normal carrier, it usually leaves the warehouse between 1-4 business days in most cases. Any items that ship via freight will take longer to ship and each product that does ship via freight will state this on the web page and give you an estimate of how long it takes to be shipped.


Q.) How long does it take for the product to get to my door?

A.) The average shipping time for products that ship via normal carrier is between 3-8 business days anywhere in the lower 48 States once the package has left the warehouse. Any freight items are estimated for delivery within 6-10 business days from date of purchase weekends and order dates are considered zero days in shipping world.  

Q.) Do you offer local delivery?

A.) Once you purchase the item you will be contacted for a local delivery with assembly from management if you live with in 60 miles of zip code 91763 you can request a quote for delivery and assembly depending on order size and item.


 Q.) Can I pay for expedited or overnight shipping?

A.) Expedited/overnight shipping is not an option because the cost to do so is typically greater than the cost of the product and batteries must be shipped separately.


 Q.) Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

A.) Unfortunately we don’t as customer service becomes impossible if the package is damaged etc.


Q.) Can I purchase a spare battery so my child can have longer play time?

A.) Yes. The clash ride on offers a 24 V battery that can be replaced in a minute that and the size, speed of this item makes this item the best-selling item we have for last 6 years. Link to AGES 1-10


Q.) Can these vehicles handle rain/water?

A.) No. These are plastic toys made with electronic components, so any rain or water can damage these components beyond repair. and it will void the warranty as abuse of product and the vehicle may not be usable.

Q.) What are the recommendations on using the remote-controlled toys.

  1. Always have the speed on highest because the connection t the car is better via Bluetooth you can still drive as slow as you like.
  2. Always keep the wheels on 4-wheel drive if you can since the break is through the motors all 4 motors will give you a smoother stop rather than sudden.
  3. All cars come with adjustable seat belts, if needed make sure to ask for a video how to modify the size, so the child is secured inside.









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