24 volt Side by Side Ride on Cars

24 volt side by side

24-volt Side by Side Ride on Cars are great for any age so you can’t go wrong whether it’s your child or not. In case you are wondering what that all means it’s just a two-seater car usually a utility terrain vehicle (UTV). These usually are an age range of 2 up to 11 years old with a vehicle weight of 80 – 120 lbs.

Why 24v?

Looking for a ride-on car for your child but don’t know which voltage is right for your child? MBZ Toys offers all kinds of voltages for ride-on cars and what we recommend depends on the age of the child and the speed/size of the motor. We recommend 6V kid’s electric cars for kids aged 1-3, 12V ride on cars for kids aged 3-6, and 24V cars for kids over 6.

All of these cars are perfect for outdoors or indoors and a car is one of the best gifts you can give for the little ones. We usually don’t recommend any vehicle for under 1 years old. You can tell based on the maximum weight the age range and if adults can ride along with kids.

Most of these vehicles now have MP3’s sometimes MP4’s with 5 – 8-inch tv or touch screens usually with Bluetooth. If they have a remote control, you can make sure they stay on track. Some have real rubber tires while other are plastic one’s.  

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