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Return Policy & Terms of warranty Out of California warranty

We offer a 90 Day parts replacement warranty if you purchase items online and have it shipped outside of California. NO refund or exchange is possible. NO EXCEPTIONS!  We provide a video how to change the parts from our showroom the next day after receiving a video texted to Alex 714 350-4838. Parts will be shipped within 3 business days after the Video was sent.

If local All repairs must be done in our showrooms at customer’s expense.

 Performance warranty definition: We don’t offer exchange refund or returns as the item is useless after purchase as weren’t authorized to sell used items. We guarantee that your item performs like other toys with same model. We don’t make these Toys and don’t offer satisfaction guarantee. Only guarantee we provide Is that your toy is not different in performance with other toys in exact same model.

Once the item is delivered and accepted the funds from credit card is fully earned and any dispute will be a breach of the contract and customer maybe responsible for legal fees and cost to collect the amount that it's in dispute. 

Return Policy, Terms and warranty for California customers:

We offer a 60 days-part replacement warranty on all products unless otherwise indicated on the description or receipt. No refunds or exchange is allowed, No exceptions!  To start a claim, you must send a video of the item and speak on the Video as to the problem and send a copy of the receipt VIA text only to 714 3504838. Most likely a Video of the solution will be sent to change the part in exchange or a method operation that will help solve the problem. In case the issue is not resolved you can bring your item by appointment to one of our showroom Monday -Thursday and we will have our technicians repair the car for you.

Items Excluded are Water damage (don’t wash or leave the item in rain) any kind of impact related to body, axels or panels which are not a performance issue. These items may be repaired with a coast of labor of $45 plus cost of the part and our technicians don’t charge anything unless the customer agrees in advance and the item is repaired. The same applies if the warranty has expired and you have purchased the item from us. We will only support our customers in any repairs or sell of parts. Items must be picked up from showroom after 3 days of repairs and notice via text.

Legal disputes and Jurisdiction: 

Any damages caused by delivery must be identified immediately and the toy can't not be assembled or used, or it will be considered delivered and accepted. It's in normal for these toys to break down after use at time to time and we only offer part replacement we don't offer not return / refunds or exchanged as the shipping cost at times is equivalent to the cost of the product. 

Defective or damaged items: 

You have 7 days to claim defect NO EXCEPTIONS. 

The right to claim defect or damage expires after 7 days of delivery NO EXCEPTIONS. You will lose your right for refund for ever if you don't start a return shipping back to seller with the 7 days allowed. You must send the information via video to Alex 714 3504838 immediately.  

You will only receive a full refund if the item is damaged in shipping or defective if you follow these steps. Buyer is responsible for return shipment no exceptions. 

 Defective items are defined as items that are not starting or working so there is no reason to use these items and keeping them beyond 7 days and they must be shipped back to seller. 

These items are defective because there are no replacement parts that are identified to fix them.  They are defective Without any solutions, MOTORS, CHARGERS, REMOTES, don't qualify as defect as they can be replaced under warranty provided as agreed. Broken chargers' motors or remote are no defects, they are normal replacement parts in toy industry. 

You must send the parts back for exchange if the seller demands it. your and you have to identify this issue with in 7 days by a video and send the same to Alex 714 3504838 of purchase and ship the item to the seller with in 7 days of purchase and don't continue using it. 

The only jurisdiction to dispute the alleged defective items are in Orange County superior court California. Credit card company must release the funds in full after 7 days of item being delivered and accepted. After 7 days the.

Customer will be responsible for $500 plus attorney's fees in case of abusive dispute to delay payment. 

Customer must cooperate fully with request of the seller to provide videos to identify the parts needed. 

 Right to refuse or cancel orders. 

If there are errors or lack of cooperation from customers, damaged good before delivery, mbz reserves the right to cancel and refund the purchase amount in full. 




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